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Valuable training for your staff or association members for expanding realtime markets.

Make real progress

A great seminar should leave realtime writers, no matter what their level, feeling they have truly made discoveries. And that's what Logical Realtime seminars do. In fact, you'll probably never return to your shorthand exactly as you had known it. And that's because most theories even the best have problems, large or small, that can hamper good realtime translations.

Pinpoint problems

Learn exactly where those problems are and do something about them! This is your opportunity to address shortcomings you're aware of and others you may be surprised to discover. Then explore suggestions for solving them sensibly by the author of Fashionable Realtime for Steno Writers. Even the strongest writers express delight with the "logical" approach offered in these insightful, hands-on workshops. (See testimonials.)

Book your seminar

The cost is most affordable. Call or write today for details on hosting a Logical Realtime seminar at your college, at your office, or at your convention. Continuing education points for participants.

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