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"Many simple, logical approaches to realtime writing were ignored when theories failed to reflect what they should have reflected from the start."

— D. Thievin
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Here's what some participating reporters have to say:

“You came, spoke and conquered. Doing is learning; thanks to your clever examples, attendees at our convention discovered their weaknesses and possible solutions at the same time. Best of all, you demonstrated that there's no need to switch theories in order to upgrade one's realtime. The options you posed for problem-solving complement all theories. On leaving, two of our best realtime reporters commented that this seminar had been the most useful we had ever offered and hoped we could bring you back for more.”

—Karen Jenkner, RPR, CSR
president, CSRAO

“Your instruction is great for experienced reporters who may have learned a not-so-computer-compatible theory and are in a bit of a steno rut. It's hard to commit the time necessary to really overhaul and update your writing habits. You make it possible to tackle theory changes in bite-size, manageable chunks. It's a great feeling when what at first seemed like an overwhelming theory change becomes a familiar habit. These little changes can really take a reporter out of a rut of complacency and make the job exciting again. Thanks for all your help, Denis.”

—Mary Dowds, RPR, RCR, CRR, captioner,
The Captioning Group


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